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Product Description

1.Input voltage:5V-1.5A
2.Rated Power:4W
3.Working temperature: 165℃±8℃
4.Effect range:20-50 ㎡
5.Port Type:USB 2.0
6.Effective Time: 1 mosquito-repellent pad every night
8.Size:85mm*60mm (approx.)

1.100% brand new and high quality
2.Use safety: it is safe to people even the crowd allergic to smell! 3.This unit comes with 2
high quality mosquito-repellent pads, it has strong and long-lasting effect, odor-free and non-irritation,
no need to worry about irritability about smell
3.Double-sided heat dissipation holes, provide you all around protection from 360 degrees
4.Auto constant temperature, safe and power-saving, friendly to both kids and the elderly
5.Air purifier, keep the air clean and comfortable to breathe
6.USB powered via power bank, phone charger, usb port of computer, etc
7.Suitable for outdoor,car, etc
8.Mosquito killer only,any other accessories not included


Portable Electric USB Mosquito Repellent Heater

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